City Interventions

Harbin Vocational Education

Country: China
City: Harbin

Key Stakeholders and PartnersHarbin Financial Bureau; Heilongjiang Provincial Finance Department, Heilongjiang Provincial Education Bureau

Project Preparation Study PeriodFebruary 2014 - August 2014

CDIA SupportUS$ 311,341

Expected Downstream FinancingPublic Private Partnership

Infrastructure sectorsSocial Infrastructure

CDIA priority impact areasPoverty Reduction

Key City Development Issues

In order to cultivate high-skilled technicians to match the rapid development and economic structures, the Heilongjiang Provincial Education Bureau called on to improve the vocational education conditions and establish comprehensive vocational education training colleges. In line with this, the Harbin Vocational and Technical College (HVTC) was proposed to be expanded to appropriately meet the city’s vocational education needs. This project is also designed to be a demonstration example of modern vocational education training for other Chinese cities. The planned HVTC project will cater to Harbin City and surrounding areas, thereby, providing comprehensive vocational education on 60 major subjects, training, practice, and occupational skill appraisal.

Details of Cooperation

CDIA-supported activities include proposing technical and financial feasible solutions for the development of a world-class campus for HVTC, in association with one/several private sector sponsor(s) with the capacity to design, build, operate, manage, and maintain the training sites and teaching facilities. It also helped identify suitable mechanisms of cooperation to improve the feasibility of this project and attract potential private sector investments from different sectors with the purpose of enhancing the source of revenue as well as improving the quality of training provided by HVTC.

Expected Development Outcomes

The HVTC project is expected to provide education and training opportunities to people in need and facilitate their job access capabilities by improving their working skills. It is estimated that 100,000 people will benefit from this project annually. Furthermore, the public-private partnership (PPP) approach envisaged for this project is expected to enhance cooperation between government, industries, enterprises and the college to meet the industrial labor demand.

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Key City informationHarbin is the capital and the largest city of Heilongjiang Province. It has the largest economy in the province accounting almost one third of its GDP (RMB455 billion in 2012), with a 10% annual growth. Known for having one of the coldest winters among major Chinese cities, Harbin is also one of the well-known winter tourist and recreation attractions.

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