City Interventions

Hubei Yichang Comprehensive Elderly Care Demonstration

Country: China
City: Yichang

Key Stakeholders and PartnersYichang City, Hubei Provincial Government, ADB

CDIA SupportUS$ 300,000

Expected Downstream Financing$128.4 million (Asian Development Bank)

Infrastructure sectorsSocial Infrastructure

Key City Development Issues

The “Yichang Municipality’s 13th Five-Year Plan on Elderly Care” has prioritized the improvement of social security and elderly care as the city requires a substantial expansion in its elderly care services, particularly in terms of improving the effectiveness of its residential care, and developing community and home-based alternatives to provide the elderly population with an attractive and affordable integrated system of support.

Details of Cooperation

CDIA’s technical support was aimed to: (1) determine the viability of the involvement of the private sector in the development of these selected pilot facilities and their integration and interaction with the overall Elderly Care System of the city; (2) identify suitable public-private partnership (PPP) structures to engage the skills of the private sector to provide the necessary care that the elderly community is demanding both now, and in the years to come; and (3) appraise the financial viability of these alternative PPP structures and how financial viability might be enhanced by finding innovative ways to improve PPP design, utilizing ADB funding, and increasing revenue generating opportunities for the private sector.

Expected Development Impacts

The elderly care system, built under a PPP model, is expected to improve the quality of elderly care facilities and the overall efficiency of the elderly care system in the city. The project will bring tremendous positive impact to the service quality that can match a more diverse demand for elderly care. Finally, by increasing the affordability of elderly care, the project is set to benefit the most disadvantaged elderly and those belonging to the lower-income segment of the population.

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