City Interventions

Kathmandu Priority Urban Infrastructure Program

Country: Nepal
City: Kathmandu

Key Stakeholders and PartnersKathmandu Municipal Government, Ministry of Local Government

CDIA SupportUS$ 195,985

Expected Downstream Financing$30.4 million (Asian Development Bank)

Infrastructure sectorsUrban Transport
Solid Waste Management

CDIA priority impact areasEnvironmental Improvement; Good Governance

Key City Development Issues

The Kathmandu Municipal Government is keen to improve the city’s urban infrastructure, particularly its access roads, intersections, parking facilities, and pedestrians. At the same time, it seeks to promote green open areas and a better solid waste management system.

Details of Cooperation

The CDIA-supported activities comprised prioritization of infrastructure development on the basis of a review of the city development strategy and a pre-feasibility study to address land development and urban solutions along the Bishnumati link road including commercial/residential areas, parking facilities, and promotion of greenery/parks. Also, it included a pre-feasibility study for the management of the current municipal solid waste transfer site and the appropriate management for the new planned transfer site including recycling/composting solutions; as well as linkage of the pre-feasibility studies with potential financiers.

Expected Development Impacts

Upon implementation, the infrastructure investments are expected to improve the environment through recycling/composting solutions and proper solid waste management treatment, reduce traffic congestion, and increase employment opportunities through economic growth, among others.

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