City Interventions

Lincang Border Economic Zone Development

Country: China
City: Lincang

Key Stakeholders and PartnersLincang Municipal and Provincial DRC

Project Preparation Study PeriodJune 2014 - February 2015

CDIA SupportUS$ 291,439

Expected Downstream Financing$250 million (Asian Development Bank)

Infrastructure sectorsWater Supply
Wastewater Management

CDIA priority impact areasEnvironmental Improvement; Good Governance

Key City Development Issues

Infrastructures in Lincang border areas are lagging behind the regional development demands. Specifically, it envisions eliminating infrastructure bottlenecks such as underdeveloped water supply systems despite having abundant surface and groundwater availability; low wastewater collection and treatment capacity in relation to demand; absence of or insufficient proper wastewater treatment facilities; and transport connections in border areas that are needing significant improvements.

Details of Cooperation

CDIA assisted the city in preparing the pre-feasibility study (PFS) with the following components: a) technical analysis and improvements to project design and recommendations on the economic feasibility of the proposed investments; b) cost-benefit analysis of the projects and assessment of possible economic, environmental and social impacts; c) recommended action plan for subsequent implementation of the projects to facilitate fast and effective financing and enable the projects to be implemented following the PFS. In addition, CDIA also provided competency training and technical exchange with staff of relevant departments.

Expected Development Outcomes

The implementation of the projects will bring significant benefits on environmental, social and economic development. In particular, the infrastructure projects will boost regional economic development and improve the residents’ living conditions. The projects will also reduce pollution and hazards caused by industries’ aggregation.

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Key City informationLincang is a prefecture-level city located in the southwest of Yunnan province. The city shares border with Myanmar for 290 kilometers. It is in the path of a short alternative route from Kunming to Indian Ocean.

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