City Interventions

Probolinggo Solid Waste Management

Country: Indonesia
City: Probolinggo

Key Stakeholders and PartnersProbolinggo City Government, BAPPENAS

Project Preparation Study PeriodJuly 2015 - April 2016

CDIA SupportUS$ 160,949

Expected Downstream FinancingNational Government

Infrastructure sectorsSolid Waste Management

CDIA priority impact areasEnvironmental Improvement; Poverty Reduction

Key City Development Issues

While Probolinggo arguably has the best sanitary landfill site in Indonesia, the site is almost at full capacity and so can no longer accommodate waste arriving for final disposal. A second, small landfill site is currently under construction but will only be able to serve the city for two to three years. A long-term, sustainable solid waste management (SWM) solution is required and could take the form either of a regional sanitary landfill or a new city landfill site.

Details of Cooperation

CDIA-supported activities include:

a) Design and initiate an integrated municipal SWM system that is socially, economically, environmentally, technically, financially, and institutionally sustainable;

b) Prepare business cases for a future regional SWM facility versus a local facility; and

c) Identify interventions required to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of SMW activities.

Expected Development Outcomes

The project is expected to improve the quality of the surrounding environment as well as public health with better waste management across the city thereby further promoting Probolinggo as a clean and livable city.
The sustainable waste management system could also provide additional sources of income for the community.

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