City Interventions

Sichuan Ziyang Inclusive Green Development Project

Country: China
City: Ziyang

Key Stakeholders and PartnersZiyang Economic Development Zone and Sichuan Provincial Reform and Development Commission

Project Preparation Study PeriodOctober 2017 - April 2018

CDIA SupportUS$ 549,870

Expected Downstream Financing$413.50 million (Asian Development Bank)

Infrastructure sectorsWastewater Management
Flood/Drainage Management

CDIA priority impact areasEnvironmental Improvement; Good Governance

Key City Development Issues

The central government of PRC has recently shifted to a new urban development model – that of an integrated city development and industrialization. In this scheme, the city has dynamic industries that provide jobs for its residents, at the same time that the industry has a liveable city nearby as its human resource base and service center.

However, like many smaller cities, Ziyang City has to compete with bigger cities to make it attractive as an industrial location, as most industries tend to be located in industrial parks close to larger urban centers. Similarly, the city has yet to improve its infrastructure to create better living conditions for its residents.

In 1992, the Ziyang Municipal Government established the Sichuan Ziyang Economic Development Zone. In 2017, it was expanded and upgraded to become the Sichuan Ziyang High Technology Development Zone (SZHTDZ) with the aim to provide employment opportunities and promote economic growth. To respond to the needs of the Ziyang City’s green transformation, there was an urgent need for a modernized, information technology-based, and holistic approach to the city’s development trajectory, which balances economic growth with its impacts on the environment and communities.

Details of Cooperation

CDIA’s project preparation study (PPS) sought to improve economic and environmental conditions specifically in the Sichuan Ziyang High Technology Development Zone (SZHTDZ). Three outputs were delivered:

Urban development planning and management capacity strengthened and applied, which entailed assistance in the management and monitoring of the industrial park and development of an urban green transformation planning study for the SZHTDZ.

Economic sector opportunities broadened, involving support in developing the dental sector industry including its R&D platform, etc; and the Technical Vocational Education and Training Center with 6,000-student capacity.

Ecological systems and environmental infrastructure constructed, which supported improvements in environmental infrastructure and ecological areas, such as construction of flood control embankments, sponge city interventions, wetland area development, and landfill closure and transformation into a green park, among others.

Expected Development Outcomes

The results of the PPS will serve as inputs to the ADB for succeeding project development work leading to actual implementation.

The projects are envisaged to help Ziyang City make the change towards a greener and more sustainable development path, which are expected to benefit about 1.1 million people, consisting of 268,000 direct and 835,000 indirect beneficiaries.

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Key City informationZiyang is a typical medium-sized municipality at the upper reaches of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, covering a traditionally agriculture-based hilly area. The Ziyang Municipality was divided by the Tuo River, which is a major tributary of the Yangtze River.

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