City Interventions

Thungsong Cargo Distribution Center

Country: Thailand
City: Thungsong

Key Stakeholders and PartnersThung Song City Government; Local Government

Project Preparation Study PeriodOctober 2010 - June 2011

CDIA SupportUS$ 57,831

Expected Downstream Financing$27.6 million (local financing institution)

Infrastructure sectorsUrban Renewal

CDIA priority impact areasClimate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Environmental Improvement; Good Governance; Poverty Reduction

Key City Development Issues

Thung Song Municipality’s development direction has strongly adhered to the strategies of the National Development Plan including an action plan for the logistics development of Thailand to encourage economic growth, Infrastructure improvement and expansion, and environmental sustainability.

Details of Cooperation

CDIA supported the city in conducting a pre-feasibility study (PFS) on the redevelopment of the Cargo Distribution Center (CDC) and other related development activities including drainage and flood protection,  railway, and access roads. It also assisted the city in strengthening its own capacity for carrying out the proposed activities and finally, linked the above-mentioned study with potential investors for financing.

Expected Development Outcomes

The logistics development project was expected to bring in employment opportunities from the green production industrial zone; as well as contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation through better flood protection measures and reduction in the road-based transport of goods as the project encouraged switching to rail,

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