City Interventions

Vijayawada Urban Transport and Slum Upgrading

Country: India
City: Vijayawada

Key Stakeholders and PartnersVijayawada Municipal Corporation; Municipal Administration & Urban Development (UBS) Department

Project Preparation Study PeriodJune 2012 - December 2012

CDIA SupportUS$ 166,500

Expected Downstream FinancingAsian Development Bank

Infrastructure sectorsUrban Transport

CDIA priority impact areasClimate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Environmental Improvement; Good Governance; Poverty Reduction

Key City Development Issues

The city’s development plans focused on the following areas: integrated traffic & transport system to meet the service demand and needs of the urban population. It also sought to provide basic services for the urban poor, in which about 26% of Vijawada’s population resides in informal settlements, placing an enormous strain on basic infrastructure such as transport, water supply, sewerage, solid waste management, etc.

Details of Cooperation

CDIA-supported activities included:
a) review of the city development plan (CDP) including programming and prioritization of infrastructure projects;
b) preparation of a pre-feasibility study on traffic management and transportation facilities;
c) preparation of a pre-feasibility study for an integrated development program addressing basic infrastructure needs in informal settlements; and
d)assist the city in strengthening its own capacity for improved infrastructure provision.

Expected Development Outcomes

Upon implementation, the project is expected to promote a relevant and responsible city development planning; provide good quality, efficient, and accessible urban transport services for all citizens especially the urban poor; and contribute to improved living conditions and the environment for poor communities.

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