City Interventions

Visakhapatnam Water Supply

Country: India
City: Visakhapatnam

Key Stakeholders and PartnersGreater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, Municipal Administration & Urban Development (UBS) Department

CDIA SupportUS$ 150,000

Expected Downstream Financing$5 million (Asian Development Bank)

Infrastructure sectorsWater Supply

CDIA priority impact areasClimate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Environmental Improvement; Good Governance; Poverty Reduction

Key City Development Issues

The City of Visakhapatnam is suffering from inadequate supply of water, and in line with its development plan, the city is looking at improving the water supply system in the Greater Visakhapatnam to be able to provide the necessary services for its growing population.

Details of Cooperation

CDIA’s technical assistance covered: a) comprehensive review of the city development plan, including programming and prioritization of infrastructure projects; b) support for the preparation of a pre-feasibility study on water supply distribution; c) linkage of the pre-feasibility study with potential financiers; and d) assisting the city in strengthening its capacity for improved infrastructure provision.

Expected Development Impacts

The project will contribute to the improvement of the urban environment and informal settlements through upgrading of priority basic infrastructure services. It will also result in improved access to clean water supply services through upgrading of related water supply facilities.

Download: Final Report      

Key City informationArea: 550 km²
Population: 2,500,000

Visakhapatman is located on the south east coast of India and is the second largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh and the third largest city on the east coast of India after Kolkata and Chennai.

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