City Interventions

Xiaolan Energy Efficiency

Country: China
City: Xiaolan

Key Stakeholders and PartnersZhongshan City Low-carbon Development Centre

CDIA SupportUS$ 252,483

Infrastructure sectorsPower/Energy Efficiency

CDIA priority impact areasClimate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Environmental Improvement; Good Governance

Key City Development Issues

The government launched a national low-carbon pilot programme in five provinces and eight cities, which includes Xiaolan County in Guangdong Province. The 12th Five-Year Plan of Guangdong Province includes the target of reducing the energy used per unit of GDP by 18%; reducing carbon dioxide emission intensity by 19.5% from 2010’s level by 2015; and reducing carbon emissions per unit of GDP by 45% from 2005 levels by 2020. Xiaolan county government created a greenhouse gas emission inventory report in 2012 (first in the entire nation) and prepared a low-carbon economic development plan to meet the set objectives.

Details of Cooperation

CDIA prepared the Pre-feasibility Study (PFS) with the following components:

a) Review of previous studies conducted and key documents on cooling/heating district co-generaton project as well as analysis of geographical conditions and urban structures of Xiaolan;

b) Technical and financial feasibility of the project, with a phased infrastructure investment plan;

c) Cost-benefit analysis of the project with emphasis on economic, environmental and social impacts;

d) Recommendation of a public-private partnership structure and potential market and/or interested private parties; and

e) Capacity-building activities related to project planning, financing, construction, and operation etc.

Expected Development Impacts

When implemented, the project is expected to decrease the use of natural gas for cooling and heating while significantly increasing the energy efficiency of Xiaolan County toward achieving its energy conservation goals. It will also increase local power generation, which, in turn, will decrease coal-generated power from other places.

Download: Final Report      

Key City informationArea: 75.4 km2
Population: 161,000

Xiaolan is a state-level key town situated in Zhongshan City in the central of Pearl River Delta, and is also a central town (county-level town) in Guangdong Province. It has the highest annual income per capita among all towns in Zhongshan City. Xiaolan plays a significant role in the economic, population, and transportation development, as well as urban construction of Zhongshan.

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