City Interventions

Xinyu Flood Protection System

Country: China
City: Xinyu

CDIA SupportUS$ 362,960

Expected Downstream Financing$ 300 million (Asian Development Bank)

Infrastructure sectorsFlood/Drainage Management

CDIA priority impact areasClimate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Environmental Improvement; Good Governance

Key City Development Issues

The city government of Xinyu aims to improve the quality of life of people by vigorously developing a sound ecological environment and upgrading its infrastructure. In recent years, the city has suffered from extreme flooding, therefore, necessitating the strategic and comprehensive development of its flood control system.

Details of Cooperation

CDIA assisted the city in prioritizing its infrastructure investments on the basis of a review of the city development strategy. It also conducted pre-feasibility study on flood control measures in the new district of Xinyu to prevent the city’s main river ways from overflowing. It further assisted Xinyu in identifying potential financing for the identified investments, and helped strengthen its institutional capacity for carrying out the planned investments.

Expected Development Impacts

Among the expected positive impacts of the project include improved flood control, storm water network and river drainage capacities; improved living conditions through the enhancement of hydrological functions of lakes in the new district; reduced potential impacts from climate change; and strengthened city capacity to implement the proposed investments.

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