CDIA Strategy 2018-2022

The Strategy Plan 2018-2022 identifies the objectives and strategies of CDIA for the next strategy phase: 2018-2022. It builds upon the experience of the Strategy Business Plans of 2009-2012 and 2013-2017, the CDIA Mid-Term Review Mission report from 2015 as well as consultations with stakeholders.

As preparatory measures for the new Strategy phase, CDIA initiated two measures which will be implemented in 2017: the creation of a CDIA Trust Fund hosted by ADB in order to ensure long-term financial sustainability, and the implementation of a Focused Capacity Approach. This approach is designed to improve the sustainability of the development impact of CDIA.

In general, the previous objectives and strategies of CDIA remain valid. CDIA’s main purpose to assist cities in developing sustainable and bankable priority infrastructure projects and liaising with financing parties in this domain will remain. Feedback from cities as well as the CDIA Mid-Term-Review confirmed that the overall model is successful.

However, some adjustments should be taken into consideration. “CDIA 2.0” as described in the Strategy Plan 2018-2022 will include the following key innovations:

  • Systematic linking between infrastructure project preparation and capacity development initiatives to increase impact and sustainability;
  • Broaden the depth and scope of project development support to improve responsiveness to cities’ and financiers’ needs and to enhance quality and innovative capacity of the prepared projects
  • In selected cities engage over a prolonged period of time to be able to address the needs of cities as complex socio-economic systems;
  • Assess the potential for financing projects at an early stage and work with a wide range of financial institutions to improve the chances of successful project implementation;
  • Collaborate with selected national project development facilities based on transparent criteria with to mutually reinforcing the capabilities and accelerate project preparation.

With these measures, CDIA will focus in the period 2018-2022 on improving responsiveness to the needs of cities as well as financing agencies;  as well as stimulating innovation, so the prepared projects can serve as best practices for other cities in the region.

With the establishment of the CDIA Trust Fund as part of ADB’s Urban Financing Partnership Facility, CDIA’s central organizational elements will consist of (i) a governing body formed by the CDIA Financing Partners; and the (ii) CDIA team, under the guidance of the Urban Financing Partnership Facility manager[1], responsible for the day to day implementation of the program. The monitoring and reporting processes will be streamlined with the reporting for the Urban Financing Partnership Facility but will retain key elements from the existing CDIA 6-monthly reports.

The partnership strategy remains demand-based and will involve cities, financial institutions, and national and regional partner organizations. The budget for implementing the Strategy is based on the prioritized activities and reflects the impact chain. Efforts to broaden the CDIA funders’ base, particularly funders from Asia, will continue. Potential risks related to implementation of this new Strategy have been identified and mitigation measures have been identified.

[1] Or his or her designate

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