CDIA Trust Fund Implementation Guidelines

The Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) is an international partnership initiative, established in 2007, by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of Germany, with additional core funding support from the governments of Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and the Shanghai Municipal Government, with the principal objective of:

  1. Assisting medium-size Asian cities to prepare sustainable and bankable infrastructure projects, so as to bridge the gap between their development plans and the implementation of priority projects;
  2. Linking urban infrastructure projects with funding sources; and
  3. Strengthening individual and organizational capacities of stakeholders for developing sustainable and bankable infrastructure projects and for ensuring financing for these projects.

To date, CDIA operations have been financed either through Asian Development Bank (ADB)-managed Regional Technical Assistance or through funds managed in parallel by non-ADB entities.

To enhance the sustainability, improve its efficiency and increase the impact of CDIA operations, in 2017 the CDIA Trust Fund was established within the existing ADB Urban Financing Partnership Facility (UFPF). Following the UFPF eligibility criteria and conditions set out in the UFPF Board Paper, these Implementation Guidelines (IG) govern the operation of CDIA.

These IG set out (i) how the CDIA is expected to function as part of the UFPF; (ii) CDIA’s operational parameters and the nature of activities to be funded through the CDIA; (iii) how CDIA funds are expected to be utilized; (iv) the CDIA Application Process; and (v) other implementation arrangements.

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