CDIA Project Screening Tool

This tool aims to help cities identify and profile investments, particularly those prioritized in climate resilience strategies, to enhance opportunities for downstream finance. This has been developed by CDIA through a small grant from The Rockefeller Foundation, and with contributions on the content from strategic partners in the region including cities, intermediaries, and financiers.


Pro-Poor Urban Infrastructure

Pro-Poor Urban Infrastructure Investments: A Guide for Municipalities

This publication is intended as a practical guide for mayors, local government officials, sector specialists, planners, and other decision makers involved in the programming and design of urban infrastructure projects in medium-sized cities.

The Guide aims to

  • facilitate understanding of concepts and issues related to the design of infrastructure projects that will directly or indirectly benefit the urban poor
  • assist local government officials, sector specialists, and project planners in the formulation and design of pro-poor infrastructure investment projects
  • stimulate change and motivate mayors, local government officials, and other decision makers in medium-sized cities to make use of pro-poor infrastructure investments in their cities with an eye on increased competitiveness; this should be a two-pronged approach to both urban development and poverty reduction

PPP and Urban Infrastructure

Public-Private Partnership Guide for Municipalities

The Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) has prepared a PPP Guide for Municipalities offering an innovative view to help local governments understand how to approach a potential PPP project and to review some issues that may come up in the process.

It is one of the few guides that are specifically targeted at city officials, such as mayors and council members, as well as senior technical staff in different sectors (e.g. water, energy, roads, ports) that are just beginning to look at PPP options. It is not a book of comprehensive answers but a basic guide about how to view PPPs and where to find more information so that local authorities can come to find their own answers.

Case Study

Banda Aceh, Indonesia – Leveraging Public Assets: Download a copy of this case study

PPP Centres in the Asia-Pacific Region

You may wish to explore these websites for more information on the topic:

China, Peoples Republic of:
Korea, Republic of:

Additional Readings and Links

Literature about the concept and definition of PPP:
Further information on selecting an advisor:

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