Kathleen Jovellanos

Kathleen Jovellanos has 18 years of experience in capacity building, local governance and project management.

As CDIA’s Capacity Development Specialist, she oversees the implementation of its capacity development strategy, and supports development experts in building the capacity of partner cities in infrastructure project preparation and implementation. Since joining CDIA in 2020, she has managed six project preparation studies focusing on wastewater management, sustainable mobility, affordable housing, disaster risk management, and urban development.

Kathleen has worked with local, regional, and national governments in the Philippines. Before joining CDIA, she served as a Training Specialist for the Public-Private Partnership Center of the Philippines and the Department of Finance’s World Bank-funded Local Government Finance and Development Project.

Her exposure to a diverse mix of development projects has enabled her to gain expertise in the areas of capacity development, public-private partnership, knowledge management, and policy evaluation. It also gave her a better understanding of working with project stakeholders, including beneficiaries, implementers and funders, to ensure successful project implementation. She holds a Master degree in Development Management.

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Email: kgjovellanos@cdia.asia

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