Virtual Clinics​

CDIA Virtual Clinics​

A unique capacity development opportunity for secondary cities in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific to get direct feedback on prioritising and pursuing tangible urban infrastructure projects.

CDIA works with major donors. Cities who attend the clinics will gain an enhanced knowledge of how to draft bankable and sustainable project proposals in line with funder priorities.

Participation is free. Following the successful conduct of nine virtual clinics since 2021, CDIA will offer future clinics based on demand. Please indicate your preferred date in the registration form.


By the end of the clinic, cities will have:

Checklist of what a successful Project Preparation Study (PPS) contains.

Prioritised list of
sectors to focus on.

Head start on completing a draft application for an average CDIA PPS grant of $500,000.

Checklist of what a successful Project Preparation Study (PPS) contains.

Prioritised list of
sectors to focus on.

Head start on completing a draft
application for an average CDIA PPS grant of $500,000.


Knowledge and capacity gaps, as well as institutional limitations, hamper the ability of secondary cities to prepare bankable projects. COVID-19 has exacerbated these gaps by adding another layer of complexity: national-level programs are prioritizing economic and social relief, while cities are focused on immediate response to the pandemic at the local level. Securing funding for urban infrastructure projects, strongly linked to climate priorities is therefore a key challenge. 

Thus, CDIA Virtual Clinics are a unique capacity development initiative to help city managers credibly prioritize bankable and climate-focused infrastructure projects that are in line with funder priorities. The clinics are not a typical training activity where discussions are on what other cities have done; instead, they are more focused on finding concrete solutions for the development issues that each city participant are facing.

Facilitated over Zoom, the clinics are designed in a way that each city receives structured 1-1 attention from CDIA’s friendly team with a proven track record in regional infrastructure development and financing (75% of 106 PPSs commissioned by CDIA have been linked to downstream financing estimated at $11.3 billion).


• Consult on tangible project ideas

• Learn to integrate climate resilience and institutional development into the
PPS process

• Brainstorm project ideas freely with CDIA’s team with proven track record in infrastructure development and financing

• Uncover key issues and sector priorities

• Review checklist of what a successful PPS contains

• Develop prioritised list of sectors to focus on

• Exchange ideas and experiences with other cities

• Complete a draft application to CDIA for potential PPS support

• Attend a concise and interactive program split into four sessions over two days via Zoom





Day One

Ensuring a Successful Project Preparation Process

Day One opens with perspectives from urban development experts on current challenges to developing bankable projects followed by sharing of aspirations and development issues by city participants. The rest of the day focuses on developing three key themes through interactive dialogue between the experts and city participants: Packaging bankable projects; Integrating climate change resilience in urban infrastructure projects; and Institutional Strengthening – Preparing a capacity development roadmap.

Day Two

How to Apply for Comprehensive Project Support

Day Two features individual consultations between cities and the CDIA team. The primary focus is to help cities start to nail down the project. This is when the tangible takeaways of PPS checklist and sector prioritization will take place. The day concludes with a deeper discussion about practical ways for cities to develop bankable and sustainable projects with CDIA as the starting point for possible grant support for a full PPS. 


City officials and technical staff from any developing member country of Asian Development Bank (ADB) are invited to apply.
Clinics are open to senior city officials of secondary cities in Asia Pacific. Executive officials such as Mayors and Commissioners are welcome to join on Day 1. Mid-level and high-level officials (senior municipal officials, heads of technical departments, and their professional staff) can join on Day 1 and 2. 
These clinics are free courtesy of CDIA’s funders.

Following the successful conduct of nine virtual clinics from 2021 to 2022, CDIA will offer future clinics based on demand. We will review all requests and announce new clinics in the coming months.

If your application to join is accepted, a small amount of information is required to prepare. For example, we would like to know about the infrastructure projects your city is planning, the development issue(s) you are trying to tackle with these projects, and what challenges your city is facing in the making of these projects a reality. Again, we will reach out after you register and let you know what is required.
Yes, you can join even if you don’t speak English (well) as we provide translation service (free of charge) to your local language. However, please make the request in advance so we can properly arrange the service for you.  


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The Virtual Clinics are made possible with the financial support of the European Union. Clinic content is the sole responsibility of the Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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