Capacity Building

CDIA’s key approach to develop capacities is through city interventions.

The key approach for CDIA to develop capacities is through the city interventions which strengthen competencies and confidence of city governments to prepare bankable urban infrastructure investment projects.

City Level Capacity Development

CDIA offers a a judicious mix of support that cuts across the range of core interventions:

  • Capacity building support for investment programming and development.
  • Integrated sector dialogue, fostering practices for dialogue with all stakeholders.
  • Support for improving inter-municipal cooperation in agglomeration regions for more efficient provision of urban services.
  • Twinning arrangements as needed.
  • Fund-raising and fund management capacity-strengthening in cooperation with financing agencies and/or private-sector investors.
  • Private sector dialogue regarding their investment in and support for the intended projects.
  • Demonstration and support to implementation of best practices.
  • Performance-related evaluation and reporting.

Regional Level Capacity Building and Networking

CDIA interventions at regional level include support to knowledge management and dissemination of experience to enhance urban environmental quality and promote poverty reduction. In addition to all of the above financial and structuring inputs, this also entails:

  • Organizing and participating in regional (and occasional national) conferences and workshops, most frequently together with other CDIA partners.
  • Dissemination of good urban practice in the region through the CDIA Website.
  • Promotion of interactive Web-based blogging on strategic CDIA themes.
  • Promotion of IT-based networks together with national or international local government associations.
  • Selective support to revision of concerned national urban strategies and regulatory frameworks to facilitate increased local authority and utility autonomy, if required to overcome bottlenecks in urban infrastructure development.
  • Cooperation with selected regional organizations in areas of mutual interest and benefit.

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