Why Partner with CDIA?

Our donors and partners appreciate us for being:

  • Highly successful: We have linked 110 cities with downstream infrastructure financing estimated at USD 14.0 billion.
  • City-focused: We work closely with cities at an early stage and focus our efforts on helping them to obtain funding for projects that meet the needs of their citizens.
  • Donor-friendly: We take on board the preferences of our funders who have a significant involvement in our operational strategy (currently CDIA Strategy 2023-2027). We also ensure that our funders are acknowledged in every CDIA output.
  • A catalyst for innovation: We integrate emerging technologies and innovative systems into our projects to increase the development impact of our work.
  • Strong on capacity development: We adopt an integrated capacity development approach to ensure the long-term sustainability of our projects.
  • A vehicle for knowledge sharing: We share our partners’ knowledge solutions with our partner cities and provide opportunities to link academic institutes, technology providers, consultants, and construction industry specialists for further collaboration.
  • Highly efficient: We have a high disbursement rate of over $5 million per year.
  • Quick and easy to work with: CDIA responds very quickly to city inquiries. We have an application process that is straightforward with minimum red tape, which leads to the mobilization of expert teams within four months.
  • Collaborative and multidisciplinary: We maintain strong links with a broad range of development partners throughout the region. We consult with stakeholders to ensure that the measures proposed complement the needs, strategies, and plans of our partner cities.
  • Reputable and well-trusted: We have a successful brand that is well-recognized by cities and development partners.
  • A dedicated team of experts: CDIA maintains a team of highly dedicated professionals who eat, sleep, and breathe urban development and the achievement of SDGs. The passion for our work is there for all to see!
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