Video Documentary of Partnership towards a More Sustainable Mobility in Tbilisi City

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Like many other cities in Asia-Pacific, Tbilisi City in Georgia is suffering from a car-centric culture, made worse by poor quality of public transport, unregulated taxi business and very cheap parking. These conditions, set against the backdrop of a hilly city provides a clear picture of the extent of work needed to address its mobility issues.

The good news is that the city government, with support from various development partners, is pursuing a more sustainable urban mobility, where the use of public transport is prioritized.

CDIA has captured this ongoing collaboration in its new video.

In particular, the video documents the concrete steps taken by the City government to enhance its public transport for the benefit of its 1.1 million population. While it discusses the challenges in terms of mobility and transport, it more importantly shows how the various partners – CDIA, the Asian Development Bank, GIZ, the Austrian Institute of Technology and others – work closely with the city government to address these challenges.

Since 2016, CDIA has been supporting Tbilisi in the conduct of two pre-feasibility studies which proposed: 1) measures to improve the bus network, bus-based or rail-based surface transit corridor and 10-point parking; and 2) specific rehabilitation works so that the Tbilisi Metro meets present-day technical, operational, safety and accessibility standards. CDIA has further provided advisory support leading to actual implementation of key transport strategies, particularly the bus network restructuring.

These collaborative efforts are now paving the way for Tbilisi to achieve a more sustainable urban mobility.

Click here to watch the video.

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