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Cities are invited to apply for CDIA support at any time! Our application process is straightforward, and with minimum red tape, thereby ensuring a fast approval process

Who is eligible to apply?

Secondary cities from all ADB developing member countries in Asia and the Pacific are eligible to apply for CDIA support.

How to qualify for CDIA support?

For cities to qualify for CDIA support, they must have:

  • An integrated urban development plan in place.
  • A demonstrable intent to contribute to at least two of the following: poverty reduction, environmental improvement, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and good governance.
  • Commitment to provide their in-kind contributions to the project.
  • Endorsement letter from the central/state level confirming in-principle support and ensuring that the proposed investments are in line with national or state priorities.
  • Endorsement letter from the downstream funding agency, if applicable.

What kinds of activities are eligible for CDIA support?

CDIA can provide a range of international and domestic expertise to support any project preparation study required by the city. Examples of these studies include, but are not limited to: pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, due diligence reports, project preparation technical assistance, etc.

How to apply for CDIA support?

Cities may submit their application and endorsement letters through Templates are available below:

CDIA Application Form >
Sample Application Letter >
Sample Endorsement Letter >

How long does the application process take?

Application to CDIA is straightforward, and if necessary, our urban development specialists can assist cities in formulating their applications.

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