CDIA Begins Work in 20th Partner Country

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CDIA has formally set up its project preparation study (PPS) in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the 20th country to welcome CDIA’s support in infrastructure development.

CDIA will work with the Government of Uzbekistan and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to identify and prepare priority infrastructure projects to be included in the Integrated Urban Development Project (IUDP). It is an investment program that seeks to improve city livability and economic competitiveness through integrated urban development approach.

Under the IUDP, robust projects will be prepared in the pilot cities of Yangiyer/Havas, Djizzak and Khiva. CDIA will contribute to this process by undertaking project preparation studies and outline designs to facilitate further feasibility studies and the subsequent preparation of an ADB investment loan.

CDIA’s PPS will focus on the following sectors: solid waste management (SWM), water supply and wastewater management, urban regeneration and integrated capacity development.

In particular, the PPS will cover sectoral reviews of current SWM, water supply and wastewater practices and facilities. Out of which, it will recommend improvements, innovative approaches and new infrastructure projects.

CDIA will have distinct engagement with each city depending on their needs. For instance, as Khiva has sensitive requirements on historic and cultural heritage, CDIA will work with the city to support their ongoing heritage preservation and other tourism promotion initiatives.

CDIA team will likewise coordinate closely with development partners such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and The World Bank to complement their ongoing work program.

A mobilization mission was headed by CDIA’s Program Manager Neil Chadder from 11-19 January 2020, where he led kick-off meetings with various partners involved in the project.

With the deployment of CDIA technical consultants to Uzbekistan, work is now underway for the first phase which includes rapid assessment, stakeholder consultations and project prioritization, as well as preparation of capacity building and institutional development roadmaps.

In one of the kick-off meetings in the city of Djizzak.


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